A Really Crafty Night!


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Hello everyone!  Last night we had loads of people round to our house to taste some jams and chutneys Mum has made and to look at the lovely glasses and things they have both made.  I really think everyone came to see me.  I had a lovely night being fussed and people feeding me bits of cheese  and crackers.  I reeeeally liked the apple chutney but my favourite was the yellow plum and vanilla jam.  Yummy!

Ta for now,

Penny the Real Crafty Dog

St. Illtyd Summer Fayre – Come and See Us!

The Adventures of the Strangest Rabbit You Have Ever Seen!

The Adventures of the Strangest Rabbit You Have Ever Seen!

Tomorrow, Saturday 5th July, Penny will be at St Illtyd School Summer Fayre in Llantwit Major.  She will be there to meet her public – come along and say hello and met the gentlest, funniest greyhound in the world!


Crafty Dog will be there too with our jams, chutneys and glassware, as well as copies of A Hound in the House and of course, The Largest Rabbit!!


Look forward to seeing you.



Pennys Busy Day

penny sleeping in the van

Good evening everyone!  I have had another busy weekend.  It all started with the Boss (that’s what he thinks I call him anyway) taking me along to a school in Ystalyfera to a reading of the new book to a group of very well behaved guys in year 6.

They all seemed to really enjoy him reading “The Largest Rabbit“, and they were so disappointed when he had to stop.  In fairness, he couldn’t read ALL the book or they’s have nothing to read themselves!  Afterwards the guys asked the Boss some very searching questions about the bok and also about MEE!  It’s wonderful being so popular.  I even did some of my Sit and Stay tricks to show them how clever I can be.  When the boys and girls went out into the yard for break I wanted to follow them and play too but I was not allowed.

It can be really tiring being a celebrity.

Saturday the Boss and Mrs Crafty Dog went to a Craft Fair in Clydach and I was left witha project to do; how quikly could I empty a Kong of all the bits of food.  I tend to get a bit tired after a while and sleep a bit so that when they come home I have some bits left and I have to show them what I can do.  The Boss seems to find this interesting and sometimes he helps me to get the bits of food out.  Begs the question why he put it in there in the first place!

Today we went over the cricket pitch and I had a really great time running around chasing my ball and bringing it back to the Boss.  When I am really good at this he gets out another ball so I have to drop one in his hand then speed off for the other one.  I keep this up for a few times then I get tired so have to slow down a bit.

Hey ho.  Another book reading at 2 schools on Tuesday.  Will keep you updated,

Penny, the Real Crafty Dog Cymru.

The Largest Rabbit – Visit to Ystalyfera School

On Friday this week, Penny will be coming with us to Ysgol Golwg y Cwm in Ystradgynlais.  They have invited us up to talk about greyhound rescue, abd also to read some extracts from “The Largest Rabbit”.  It’s great fun reading to the guys as they become so involved.

We are all looking forward to it immensely!

The Adventures of the Strangest Rabbit You Have Ever Seen!

The Adventures of the Strangest Rabbit You Ever Did See!