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Crafty Dog Chilli Bean (and Bacon Soup) Recipe

We have had many requests for Mrs Crafty Dog’s Chilli Bean Soup recipe. This is the version with bacon but it also makes an excellent vegetarian soup by omitting the bacon and Worcestershire sauce. Ingredients 3 rashers smoked back bacon – cut into lardons (small pieces) 1 tablespoon oil (olive or rapeseed) to fry in. […]

Help a Galgo or Podenco

Wonderful Galgos and Podencos In a recent blog I mentioned that we try and help rescued greyhounds as well as the Spanish greyhounds and Podencos (Helping the Spanish Greyhounds).    We do commissions for Galgos del Sol where we make suncatchers for their auctions – (you should check them out!).   As well as this […]

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Helping the Galgos – Spanish Greyhounds – With Galgos del Sol

Crafty Dog Suncatchers Helping Auction for Charity Galgos del Sol is a charity that rescues Galgos Espagnol, Spanish greyhounds, and Podencos. Both breeds are used for hunting and hare coursing with betting. There is a short 4 month hunting season each year, from October to January, and at the end of the season the dogs […]

Children’s Halloween Story – The Wychwood

Here is the new Halloween Story 2016 with characters from The Largest Rabbit book.  Tom, the youngest but bravest rabbit in the warren, is walking through the deepest and darkest part of the forest.  He knows he’s alone yet feels that someone is watching him.   Why is he there?   Who is cutting down […]

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Greyt Expectations – Rescued Greyhounds and Marmalade Cats

A Marmalade Cat? This is a chapter from the new book just being tidied up for release in September.  It’s called “Greyt Expectations – From Rescued Greyhounds to Marmalade Cats” and is a collection of the blog posts from here and the South Wales Evening Post pages, along with some other pieces about writing, music […]

Hi Fidelity – The Vinyl Countdown?

Hi Fidelity?               As those of you that read my occasional Friday night music posting will know, music is very important to me.  Whilst contemplating what I will be listening to this evening I began to think about my music collection generally.  There has been such a revival in Vinyl that I have been […]

What’s After the Rainbow Bridge?

Greyt Expectations – What’s After the Rainbow Bridge?           Have you ever had that feeling when you are alone that you feel there is someone watching you?  Sometimes you may even hear or think you hear something. Zoologists would explain it as those primeval nerves and peripheral senses that once protected early humans when they […]