Vegetarian Safe Jams

There’s No Gelatine in Our Jams!

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Crafty Dog Strawberry Jam with Fruit Scone or two!

Do our jams and marmalades contain gelatine? No, they most certainly do not!

A common question we are asked at Markets is whether our products are suitable for vegetarians, as people think jams and marmalades are set with gelatine. This not the case – our Jams and Marmalades are actually set with pectin, which is made from apple skins, and is a natural product.

When people refer to a jam as a “jelly”, in the UK that means that it has had all the pips and fruit bits filtered before jarring up to make it a clear jam. It should still be made with pectin. (Crafty Dog Cymru don’t currently make a Jam Jelly).

If in doubt, read the label, or ask the producer.