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New for 2015 – The Green Man, Owain Glyndwr and Dancing Dogs!

New Glassware for the New Year

Green Man, Glassware, Tankard.

Green Man Tankard

Amongst our new range of glassware designs for 2015 are new tankards with the Green Man  design and the banner of Owain Glyndwr.  The Celtic Dancing Greyhounds design is also now available on a wine goblet.

The Green man is the spirit of nature and the woodlands and has been captured on a lovely pint tankard.  Each one is individually hand-drawn and painted (so they are all unique) and then baked in the oven to make them dishwasher safe.  They are lovely to work on and even nicer to drink from.  

Owain Glyndwr, Welsh Dragon, Welsh, Dragon, Glyndwr,

The Welsh Dragon with Glyndwr’s banner.

Along with the spirit of the woods, there is a new design of tankard with a Welsh Dragon carrying a banner with the arms of Owain Glyndwr, the legendary Welsh leader.  Again, this is a striking piece of individual artwork, a piece of Welsh history in its own right.


The Celtic dancing greyhounds design, so popular on tumblers, is now available on wine goblets.  A lovely shape to hold, the design is very eye-catching, watch them chase each other around the face of the glass.

Greyhound, Glassware, Goblet, Celtic Greyhounds

Dancing Celtic Greyhounds

All of these are available from the Crafty Dog Cymru web shop.