The Winter Hare (UK Postage) ISBN 9780957693234


The Winter Hare – paperback.  This is the UK postage version.  If you are from Eire/Europe, USA/Canada/Australia please order through the appropriate product tab.


The Winter Hare

ISBN 9780957693234

Rubbish the Rabbit Hound and the never-ending Winter.

The mighty Finn and his friends Rubbish the rabbit hound and Jeffrey the marmalade cat are surprised by a winter that seems without end.  Across the fields the rabbits find spots of red and strange footprints in the snow – as they examine the prints a mysterious figure watches from the shelter of the trees.  Not far away, two hunters with guns and vicious dogs are searching too. 

Who is this Winter Hare they are hunting? Can our heroes protect her and get her safely home?  What will happen if she never gets home?  As all this is unfolding, deep underground, a black and white army is preparing to march…

This is a tale of mystery, adventure and old magic, hairy heroes, dark villains and an ancient marmalade cat with arthritis, attitude (and more than a hint of anchovies!).

It’s the 2nd in the Largest Rabbit series; it can be read as a follow-on or as a story in its own.  Age range – 8 – 80!

£1 from every copy sold through this webshop goes to Greyhound Rescue Wales.

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Celtic Magic, Winter Hare, Rubbish, Finn, Greyhound, Deerhound

The Winter Hare

This book continues the story of the abandoned greyhound pup that becomes Rubbish the rabbit hound.  Along with his friends  Finn, the huge and hairy deerhound and Jeffrey, the well-bred cat renowned for his ingenuity (and terrible breath!) Rubbish has to face some fearsome adversaries who have designs on the gentle but magical Eira, the Winter Hare.  They need the help of Finn’s  Maid and Butler, the rabbits and some new but unsuspected heroes to overcome the villains this time.  This is the second book in the series of adventures involving Rubbish, Finn and Jeffrey.  Checkout the other stories on the site.