Our Marmalades

Our Lovely Marmalades

Welsh Jam, Marmalade, Wales, MAde in Wales
A Set of Marmalades!

Crafty Dog Cymru make a range of Marmalades, some of which are unique to us.

Lemon and Lime

This is a combination of fruity lemon and sharp lime.  It starts with the lemon and has the sharp lime finish.  A traditional marmalade with a firm set, ideal for your toast at breakfast.

Orange & Grapefruit

A different marmalade, this has to be tasted to be believed.  It has the beautiful orangey fruit flavour and the grapefruit citrusy finish in the mouth.  Usually a softer set, it has been described as “honey marmalade”! 

Clementine Marmalade

A beautiful sweet/sharp marmalade.  Based on an old recipe, this is just like eating a clementine!  


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