Gin Glasses

We have two types of Gin glasses that are proving to be immensely popular; rounded glasses, and also stemmed ones. They are available in a range of designs or we can also take commissions for a design of your choice.

Violets & Bees Stemmed Gin Glass

Stemmed glasses are 62 cms high and the bowls 45 cms across, and can hold 63cls of fluid. This makes them popular as gin or large cocktail glasses, and they will also take a great amount of wine or even beer. They are available from our webshop HERE.

Gin Glass, Welsh Glass, Dragon Glass
Round Gin Glasses – here are the Daffodil and Welsh Dragon patterns.

The round Gin Glasses are available in any design, though the Welsh Dragon, Black Cat, Daffodil and Medieval Hound are the most popular. The glasses hold 45cls of fluid and are suitable for any spirits or soft drinks. They are available from our webshop HERE.