Rottweiler Candle Holder

Commissions – Items Made to Your Own Designs

Our Skill & Your Ideas

We have been asked to make a wide variety of different items to specific customer requirements; some have been for generic designs (a horse, a kangaroo) and others for actual portraits (candle holders with a greyhounds portrait from a photograph) and Corporate work (Regimental presentations, prizes for presentation).  We have even been asked to use a design we already make on a new product – that’s where the dancing dogs wine goblets came from.

Here are a few examples of our work – maybe it will inspire you to inspire us!

Dancing Dogs – Colours

A customer wanted a set of dancing dogs on a vase but not in the usual range of colours – they wanted black with red collars.  We have also made a white and fawn set on a fruit bowl.


Regimental Glassware

We also make pieces for regimental presentations and corporate events.  In this case, the 14th Signal Regiment.  They can be on any of our glassware but look particularly nice on a tankard.

Generic Designs – Animals etc.

We have drawn and painted kangaroos, horses, cats, dogs, elephants – even fish.  This was a design as part of a wedding gift.

Rottweiler Candle Holder

Animal Portraits

We can draw and paint an animal portrait from a photograph, and have made glasses, plaques, suncatchers and candleholders, even as remembrance/memorial pieces.  This was a candleholder in memoriam for a departed friend.


We’ll Design it For You

Sometimes customers have rough ideas and we’ll run with them.  Here someone wanted something American and Welsh so we made this up.

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