Ready for Thursday? Its Sketty Library again!

Penny Greyhound Rescue WalesDon’t Forget – Sketty Library 2p.m. Thursday

Afternoon all.  Penny the Crafty Dog reporting in to my many fans.  It’s been a looooong weekend and I’ve had lots of sleeps.  It’s been really hot here in Crafty Dog Towers.  Mr and Mrs Crafty Dog were out a bit at a Crafty Show the weekend and didn’t need me to come along.  This was great as Dad always leaves me with a project to do – a big blue toy called Bluey full of treats.  It takes me ages to get everything out of it and I have to have some long naps in between.  When I wakes up sometimes they have come home, so I then ask Dad to get some of the bikkies out.  Life can be great being a Crafty Dog – much better than when I was racing.

Anyways, the reason I was typing was to tell everyone I will be at Sketty Library in Swansea on Thursday.  Theres gonna be lots of peoples come to see me and listen to Mr Crafty Dog as he is reading some of his new book about that Largest Rabbit.  I don’t think it’s really a rabbit as he looks like somethinbg else on the cover – can’t say or it’ll give it all away.

Dad says the books are selling really well all over the place and money goes to help other greyhounds not as lucky as me.  I think that’s great.

Oooh – Mam has just finished her sandwich so off to have some crusts and maybe some gravy bones.

Ta for now,