The Largest Rabbit & The Winter Hare (The Rubbish the Rabbithound series – set of 2 books)



A new offer of the first two books of the Rubbish the Rabbithound series of children’s books – The Largest Rabbit, and the sequel The Winter Hare, for the first time available as a signed and dedicated pair.  This is at a special price of £15.00 for the two books including UK postage and packing.    The LArgest Rabbit explains how the surprised bundle of fur who calls himself Rubbish grows up to become both The Largest Rabbit as well as a Rabbithound.  He meets the Mighty Finn and Jeffrey the marmalade cat, as well as The Maid and The Butler, trouncing a wicked fox along the way.  In The Winter Hare the friends must help rescue and protect the mysterious Winter Hare of the title and help her get home, all the time being chased by some particularly nasty hunters and their dogs.  Will they make it – will this long winter ever end?

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The Largest Rabbit & The Winter Hare


The Largest Rabbit – Back Cover

The Winter Hare – Back Cover