How Rubbish the Rabbit hound Saved Christmas – Pdf Version



Chaos at Christmas?

On a test flight of the new sleigh Santa crash-lands in the woods and he, along with the elves and some of the reindeer, is injured.  He isn’t going to be up to making the Xmas deliveries.  Rubbish and his pals offer to step in.

Can they really do the job?  Will anyone fill the Fat Red Man’s boots?  Will Jeffrey really be able to find the right houses?  Or find anywhere at all?  Who could possibly stand in for Rudolph and guide the sleigh?

Read this latest mini-adventure that will both delight and make you laugh as you follow the adventures of Rubbish the Rabbit hound and see whether he manages to save Christmas.

This short story is about Rubbish the Rabbit Hound (the little brindle greyhound) and his friends Jeffrey, the ancient marmalade cat, the Mighty Finn, the deerhound, his rabbit friends from the Warren and the humans he lives with, the Maid and the Butler.   And a man in a red suit with assorted reindeer.

This is a downloadable Pdf (acrobat reader) file you can read on your pc or print off.

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