Digital Books – Chris Dignam on Kindle

You can download our books if you wish from the Amazon website in digital format or order paperback copies.


All our books are available in digital format on Kindle through the Amazon shop.   You can also order paperback copies from your local Amazon site so you only have to pay local postage and not International postage.  (Remember that for any purchased direct from Amazon we can’t sign or dedicate them and can’t generate a donation to Greyhound Rescue Wales)

Just Click Here. to go to the Chris Dignam Amazon page.  Here you will find all the books, paperback and digital. 

The digital ones are ‘A Hound in the House’, ‘The Largest Rabbit’, as well as ‘How Rubbish the Rabbit Hound Saved Christmas’ and “Greyt Expectations – From Rescued Greyhounds to a Marmalade Cat.”.  There is also the new book, “Found a Penny; The Memoirs of a Crafty Dog”.

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