Limited Edition Prints – Magical Images

Signed Limited Edition Prints

Some of the Limited Edition Prints Available

A number of customers have asked about purchasing copies of the photos Chris posts on his FB page or on the Craftydogdesigns Cymru FB page.    There are now a series of prints, available as prints or mounted and framed.  They are available in the shop and the price includes postage and packing.  Here are some examples – for more click on the link here – Limited Edition Prints.

Bald Eagle, American Bald EAgle, Art photo, Bird Photography, Wildlife Photography

North American Bald Eagle

There are four series;

  • Avebury
  • Greyhounds
  • Castles, Abbeys & Cities
  • Wildlife & Flowers

Atmospheric Avebury

These were taken over a number of visits to Avebury village in Wiltshire.   It is a beautiful village built overlapping a huge series of standing stones.  The village was the setting for the 1970’s children’s TV series “The Children of the Stones”, and these photos try to evoke that same eerie atmosphere of impending danger.

Avebury, Standing Stones, Megaliths, Megalithomania
The Storm Gathering over Avebury

Greyhound Prints

Here are a series of photographs of our noble greyhounds, the gentlest, most loyal and affectionate of hounds.  These studies are in both black and white and colour, and available as A3 or A4, framed and mounted or just with a card back.  It could be your chance to own your own Penny the Craft Dog herself!   We also have the new print “A Greyhounds View” – the loyal hound staring across the river towards a pool of light.

greyhound, Penny, Dignam,

greyhound, river, rainbow bridge,

The view across the river.

Castles, Abbeys & the Picturesque

Wales is a country full of castles and the castles here are in Wales or the Welsh borders.  Chris’s first job was as a historical researcher for the National Trust at Dinefwr Parc so the castle and parkland are particularly special to him.  Llantony Priory and Tintern Abbey are both in the Welsh borders and their magnificent ruins indicate how incredible they must have been in their medieval heyday.

Welsh MArch, Welsh CAstles, Goodrich, Historic Wales, English Castles

Goodrich Castle on the Welsh border

Wildlife. Flowers & Landscapes

Wildlife, flowers, landscapes from across the UK and Europe.

The Weird and Wonderful

Mysterious images of magical doors, strangely shaped trees or rocks.  Evocative, magical and mythterious photographs!

Door, artwork, door artwork, mysterius door, weird, mysterious, magical, magic

The Magic Door