The Green Man – Mystical Celtic Glassware

The Green Man – The Spirit of the  Woodland

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Some of our range of Green Man glassware



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The Green Man – Looks Good With Beer in!

The Green Man is the very symbol and embodiment of nature and the forests.  We have created Green Man glassware as goblets or as a wonderful presentation tankard, as a beautiful vase, a cider glass or even a suncatcher.  We also have Autumn Green Man products too – see below.  All are priced in either UK, Europe/Eire or USA/Canada postages.


Available as UK, European or USA/Canada postage.

The Green Man Tankard

This is a wonderful piece of work, each one unique as they are individually hand-drawn, painted and lined.  They are all oven-baked to be dishwasher safe.  Lovely to use, but also lovely as a presentation piece – can be dedicated if required.  See it in the shop here.  

Green Man tankard

Celebrate with a fine wine or beer and an even finer glass!

The Green Man is an ancient symbol of fertility and of nature.  Here we have added it to a wonderful wine/beer goblet, and lined it with gold liner which catches the light wonderfully.  Available singly or in pairs, they are baked in the oven and dishwasher safe. Click here to see it in the shop.  Or purchase a pair – one summer and one autumn?

Green Man Goblet

Green Man Vase

Here we have a wonderful Green Man vase, Summer on the front and Autumn on the reverse, and covered with gold-edged leaves.    They are fabulous – almost too nice to put flowers in!  Can also be used as a lantern/candle holder.  See it here in the Webshop.


Green Mna, Green Man glass, Green Man vase, Welsh Vase, Glass Vase, Celtic Glass
Green Man Vase – Autumn Side


Green Man, Glass, Welsh Glass, Hamdmade in Wales, Woodland, Spirit
Summer Green Man side of the Vase


Autumn Man 

Everything Green Man is also available as the Autumn version, such as this Autumn version of the tankard, with the golden-brown of the leaves as they change into their autumn colours.  Each one is hand-drawn and hand-painted so they are all uniquely individual.  Again, like all our glassware, they are baked in the oven to be dishwasher safe up to 40 centigrade.


Autumn Green Man Tankard
Autumn Green Man Tankard

Green Man Pint Glass

The Green Man is also available as a pint glass, oven baked to be dishwasher safe to 40 centigrade.  A wonderful design to match the rest of the collection.  See it here in the webshop.

Green Man, Green Man Gklass, Green MAn design, Welsh Pint, Welsh Glass, Celtic Glass
Green Man Pint Glass

Green Man Cider Glass

This is the lovely rounded Green Man cider glass.  The image really fills the front of the glass and is even more impressive in person.  Once again, this is oven baked to be dishwasher safe at 40 centigrade.  See it here in the webshop.

Green Man, Green Man Glass, Green Man Glassware, Green Man Design,
Rounded Green Man Glass


Celtic Glass, Autumn Man, Green Man, Mythology, Earth Spirits, Woodland Folk
Autumn Green Man Cider Glass


Green Man & Autumn Man Suncatchers

Green Man, Celtic Art, The Green Man
Green Man Summer Suncatcher

These wonderful mystical designs are also available as 4″ or 6″ round suncatchers, each one individually hand-drawn and hand-painted.  They can be hung in a window as a suncatcher or against a wall as a plaque.

Autumn Man, Autumn Green Man, suncatcher, green man design
Autumn Green Man Suncatcher


See the Green Man Glassware in the Shop Here.