Greyhound Glassware

Greyhound Glassware

We do a range of glassware with handpainted greyhound designs, all available through our Shop click here!

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Dancing Dogs – Goblets & Tumblers

Celtic Greyhounds

We make Celtic Greyhounds on wine goblets and cider glasses in a couple of designs.  The goblets and cider glasses are made from a  lovely chunky glass, that feels wonderful in the hand and has a lovely satisfying weight.  They are all handpainted and oven baked to make the designs dishwasher safe. The glasses can be sold in pairs (they do get lonely on their own!).  Check them out here.

Handpainted Greyhound Glasses
Handpainted Celtic Greyhound Wine Goblet

celtic dogs glass
Pair of Celtic Greyhound Cider Glasses

 Dancing Dogs 

These are available as Goblets, Cider Glasses or tumblers and  show a row of Celtic dogs chasing each other around the glass.  They can be found here.

Two Pairs of Dancing Dg Goblets
Two Pairs of Dancing Dog Goblets

Again, handpainted, baked and dishwasher safe.  They are also available as a Fruit Bowl or a Vase.

Dancing Dogs Glass Fruit Bowl
Dancing Dogs Glass Fruit Bowl



Dancing Dogs Vase


Greyhound Silhouettes

We have a number of different greyhound silhouettes in a variety of different glass designs – tumblers, pint glass, mugs, goblets or tankards.  Here are a couple of examples.

greyhound glass, greyhound glassware, greyhound design, greyhound art
Speeding Greyhound Goblet

Sitting greyhound, greyhound glassware, greyhound mug, greyhound design, greyhound glass
Sitting greyhound design

Greyhound Portrait Glasses

These are shown here as glass mugs but they can be made as Pint Glasses, Tankards, Cider Glasses, Tumblers, Mugs or Wine Glasses and also dedicated.

Sammy Tumbler 1
Sammy Greyhound Tumbler
Greyhound glass, grehound design, greyhound art, greyhound pint, crafty dog glass, Crafty Dog Cymru
Penny the Crafty Dog on a pint glass


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Greyhound Glass Mugs