Flower Wine Glasses

Flower Designs on Glassware

Crafty Dog Cymru produce a range of hand-painted Flower designs on Glassware,  wine glasses and goblets.

We can make them to order, any colour you like, and dedicate them as well.

They have all been baked so the paintwork is dishwasher safe so will probably outlive the actual glass itself!

Poinsettia, Flower Glass, Floral Glass, Christmas Glass

We make a range of flower glasses.  Here are our wine glasses, available in a range of  patterns.

Wine glass, flower glassware, flower glass, Welsh glassware, flower kitchenware
 Some of Our Flower Wine Goblets We have goblets as well as wine glasses, and they are available in a number of different designs – such as the examples to the left here.
 Have a look at the shop for the list of products – they are available in singles, pairs or fours.

poppy, poppy design, poppy glass, poppy drinking glass

 All available from the Shop – Click HERE!