Cats and Cat Designs

Cat Designs

We have been asked by customers whether we can also make cat glassware, so now we do!  They are available as silhouettes in traditional black or a range of colours, as well as cat portraits.  We also do a cat silhouette fruit bowl and a matching vase.  We make drinking glasses in many different designs, which can be personalised and made to order.  See our range of Cat products in our shop Here.

cat mug set

cat design, cat silhouette, cat glasses, cat mugs, cat products
Cat Mugs


These glass mugs are heat-proof and ideal for a mug of hot tea or coffee, or even your hot-toddy!  The wonderful cat silhouettes can be in the traditional black or in a range of other colours.  See the item here


cat designs, cat silhouette, cat glassware, cat glass, drinking cat
One of our Cat Tumblers


We have a range of cat silhouette tumblers available;  this one is the most popular but if you look in the shop there are some others also available. See the Cat Tumblers Here.

cats, cat glass, cat design, colourful cats, cats artwork
Colourful Cats fruit bowl

Fruit Bowl

This is a lovely glass fruit bowl with a set of colourful cat silhouettes around the bowl.  Fantastic for fruit, it is also lovely with tea-lights as a lantern. See the Cat Fruit Bowl here.

Cat glassware, cat design, cat glass.
Cat silhouette on a wine goblet.

Cat Wine/Beer Goblets

Our range of coloured silhouettes can also be created on wine/beer goblets, or pint glasses or tankards.  If you can’t see what you want, just ask! See the Cat Goblet in the shop here.


ginger cat vignttye
Cat Portrait on a Tumbler

Cat Portrait Glass

We hand draw and paint glassware with generic cats designs or we can paint actual cat portraits.  Check out the shop for generic designs or e-mail us for information on cat portraits.