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 Crafty Dog Designs Cymru

Greyhound Glass, Greyhound wine glass, wine goblet, greyhound art.

Crafty Dog Designs Cymru produce a wide range of hand-crafted artisan glassware from new and recycled glass.   We also hand-draw and hand-paint drinking glasses and tableware in many different designs, which can be personalised and made to order.  For examples, see Commissions page (click HERE).  Remember when placing an order to click on the correct postage price – UK, or Europe/Eire or USA/Canada.

We even support rescue charities such as Galgos del Sol (see our Galgo and Podenco suncatchers).

Owls, Owl Glass, Owl Wine Glass.

Gin Glass, Glass Art, DRagon Glass
Some of our immensely popular Stemmed Gin Glasses

Glasses – Gin Glasses, Pints, Goblets, Tankards, Wine Glasses, Glass Mugs and Tumblers

We make a wide range of drinking glassware, all hand-painted and baked in the oven to make the artwork dishwasher proof.  We have a number of ranges;

These are also available as tumblers, pint glasses, crystal tankards, wine glasses and can all be personalised with names. Fab as Wedding Favours or souvenirs. These have all been baked and are dishwasher safe.


We produce a wide range of designs on gorgeous wine/beer goblets (click here). They are hand-drawn, handpainted and baked to be dishwasher proof to 40 centigrade. If there is a design of your own that you would particularly like, let us know.

Look – More Glassware!

Fruit bowl, glass fruit bowl, dancing dogs, greyhound glass

Fruit Bowls

We produce a range of hand-painted fruit bowls in a number of designs (see Here).  Our dancing dogs bowls are very popular, but we have also made ones with oranges, cats – if you have something you’d like us to make for you, contact us.

greyhound glass, reyhound suncatcher, Celtic Greyhound, celtic houns


Available in 4” and 6” glass rounds or squares, leaded and with eyelet attached, these are in a range of designs; Poppies, Primroses, Daffodils, Tudor Rose, Oruboros, Iris, Greyhounds.

We also make Angel Hound 4″ suncatchers, which can be used as Christmas tree decorations, or memorial pieces, or just as a plain tree decoration.

For our Galgo and Podenco designs we donate £1 from each one we sell to the rescue charity, Galgos del Sol.

Bespoke images can be produced to order – contact us with the image to be used.  Click here for more information.

Green Vase, Spring Leaves, Spring Vase

Vases and Other Glassware

We have glass vases either handpainted or with leaded acetate. See the images here.

These are one off or can be made to order if we do not have them in stock.

schnauzer 3


Doggies & Animal Glassware

We make a range of animal designs glassware; mostly dogs but also cats, horses, an elephant – even a kangaroo and a fish called Roger!  Take a look here.

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