Help a Galgo or Podenco

Wonderful Galgos and Podencos

In a recent blog I mentioned that we try and help rescued greyhounds as well as the Spanish greyhounds and Podencos (Helping the Spanish Greyhounds).    We do commissions for Galgos del Sol where we make suncatchers for their auctions – (you should check them out!).   As well as this we have started selling our own designs of suncatchers/wall plaques with a Galgo or a Podenco on.  For these we donate £1 from each one sold to Galgos del Sol.

Galgo, Galgo art, Galgo painting, Galgo glass

So True! Galgo’s are wonderful!

The example here shows the “A House is Not a Home” design but we also do “When no-one else cares my Galgo (or Podenco) still loves me”.


Podenco, Podenco glass, Podenco art

Your loyal Podenco!