“Found a Penny; The Memoirs of a Crafty Dog”

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Crafty Dog’s Books

Any of you who have read “A Hound in the House”, or “The Largest Rabbit” or “The Winter Hare” will have seen the short extracts of the next book – all about our Penny, the Crafty Dog herself.  It’s called “Found a Penny; The Memoirs of a Crafty Dog” and it’s the true story of Penny; the Crafty Dog.

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Found a Penny

A wonderful greyhound born in Ireland and raised to race.  First a winner, then a loser – abandoned and rescued to become a fabulous family member and an ambassador for the Greyhound breed.  These memoirs, in her very own words, are about how she goes from ex-racing greyhound to media celebrity.

Read of her journey – from rescue to sofa – from a greyhound’s point of view.  Along the way she learns to cope with her Crafty family, meeting people and representing her breed at talks and meet and greets.

Penny tells of her travels and experiences abroad – including Flemish Stew!  Despite her demons, she’ll make you laugh, cry and then laugh again…and you might gain some canine culinary tips along the way – she is the Crafty Dog, after all!

‘Penny is a beautiful, kind, loving girl and I could not love or respect her more.  If I were a dog I’d marry her. (If she’d have me that is.)’ – Boyd Clack


Penny became very well known from our Facebook pages, our articles in the South Wales Evening Post or at our Craft events and at Greyhound Rescue Wales fundraising events.  For a copy of the book click Here.